Effective Communication (EF. C)

Effective Communication ( EF. C) is a twice – a – year seminar held across different cities in the country, designed to build capacity in the area of speech presentation, giving a public address or delivering a presentation on innovative ideas effectively. It is an event where we bring the best of communication coaches in Nigeria and abroad to help mitigate the vacuum of poor communication and presentation skills inherent in the country’s populace.

We have come to understand through research, observation and consultation that effective communication is a prominent feature on the path to personal and career success but unfortunately it is grossly jettisoned by many in their quest for it.

EF. C is poised at debunking the myth that oratory prowess is a skill inhibited in a selected few as gifts or talents. On the contrary, orators aren’t born, they are made.


We believe that at the end of every seminar, all participants should be able to:

1. Connect with any audience at every time.

2. Dramatically improve their speaking skills and presence.

3. Capture their listeners attention and interest.

4. Create a profound business presentation step – by – step.

5. Hone their non – verbal communication skills.

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