Effective Communication (EF.C)

SPEECH COACHING COURSE is a coaching program for young students in secondary schools where we bring to them the knowledge and importance of effective communication. It’s a total package where we coach young ones into becoming very good communicators with sound oratory prowess thereby giving them the edge to stand on the same pedestal with their counterparts anywhere in the world.

Through research from studies, we have discovered that GLOSSOPHOBIA (the fear of public speaking) which sits top on the list of social anxiety disorders, also leads the chat as the most dreaded thing in the U.S.A and the world with death coming in at close second. This means a lot of grown adults will rather be the one in a casket than the one giving a eulogy at a funeral. Among the many negative effects it has on individuals include contribution to general anxiety and depression.

We at Skywriters communications Limited have come to understand that effective communication is the bedrock for quality inter-personal relationships, creates a very good self-worth, instills leadership traits, builds self-confidence and promotes a positive public image.

This course will last for a period of 12 weeks (9 weeks of coaching, 2 weeks of practical and 1 week for examination). The book “Demystifying Public Speaking” written by Fidelis Nakozi will serve as a training manual for these students

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